BUNDLE - Carabiner + DoorJamm

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This BUNDLE comes with one carabiner + one DoorJamm. 

Use these polymer carabiners to secure multiple DoorJamms to your gear. Attach DoorJamms to your tool belt, packout, tool box, dolly, or vest.

You can also use the carabiner as an additional attachment point when using the DoorJamms on the job. 

Each plastic carabiner measures approximately 3.5" by 2.25" and are very lightweight.

Choose from black, grey, OD green, khaki, orange, red and glow in the dark!

The DoorJamm is versatile, stretches over 200% its original size, reusable, easy to carry, weather and chemical resistant. 

It will withstand temperatures as hot as 212 Degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -40 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

Together, this bundled product weighs approx. 2 ounces, can be stored nearly anywhere on your person or kit. 

DoorJamms are made of synthetic rubber in the USA.