Your safety is important!

DoorJamm is a convenient tool to prevent doors and gates from closing behind first responders and professionals in the trades. This valuable tool is light, flexible, fits in almost any pocket, and deploys in seconds. It is inexpensive and stretches to fit most types of doors and gates. Plus, it's weatherproof, resists abrasion and stretches long enough to fit around almost any security door.

22 Degrees and still going strong

Works on magnetic door locks

Think outside the box

No doorknob, no problem


I wasn't kiddin' around when I said owning a DoorJamm is an absolute must when clearing trap houses, placated properties and on search warrants.

Tony G.

Used my DoorJamm during active shooter training on a secured gate that needed to stay open so officers could get to victims as well as searching for the suspect without any delay.  In a real scenario, if that gate was closed and the shooter was on the other side, the delay in getting over or around the gate would result in more causualties due to officers not being able to end the threat as soon as possible.


Durable, dependale, and always ready for duty.  DoorJamm - Letting the good guys in.