About Us

Chris B. and Steve K. are officers at a police department in LA County and while on patrol in their urban environment with the abundant number of apartments and condominiums, they became frustrated by constantly having to improvise some way to hold open security doors/gates they encountered throughout the city. This led to the development of DoorJamm, a reliable tool which prevents doors from locking behind first responders.

"Officers, in general, are always concerned about having immediate access to their partners on the job. We simply did not like the feeling of hearing over the radio that our backup was locked out and asking to get 'buzzed in' or having to jump walls/gates that commonly led to injury." -Chris B.

It seemed every makeshift door stop they saw had flaws that compromised officer safety. Some took too long to manipulate to put in place (positioning a doormat or putting strips of duct tape on a flashlight to have it available for use during a shift), while some fell out of place too easily (business card or scrap of paper stuffed in the lock). Some options relied on finding a random object at the scene (a rock, a brick, a junk mail bin), while other options required the officer to carry something bulky or uncomfortable (wooden or plastic door wedge). The goal of DoorJamm is to improve safety for those in law enforcement, fire service and EMS roles while maintaining a low profile for easy carrying and convenience. DoorJamm is light, thin, flexible, inexpensive, and can be carried in any uniform with ease.

The DoorJamm is made from US sourced materials and produced in Los Angeles.

"We prototyped numerous materials, sizes, shapes and configurations until we found the right combination that we could stand behind. We developed a product that we trust for ourselves and our partners every day on the job." -Steve K.

The DoorJamm is durable enough to be slammed in gates over and over without fail. It can be stretched repeatedly and extensively and always returns to the original shape.

"The product was field tested for over 1 year and has been field proven for over a year.  For the price paid, it's also not a burden on the wallet if it gets left behind at a hectic scene." -Chris B.

DoorJamm is under continuous development with choices in high visibility colors and options for imprinting being the biggest goal for the near future.

As fire service is focusing more and more on door control as another method of defeating fires(closed doors control air flow in rooms, thus controlling fuel for the fire), a new DoorJamm material is being field tested that is specifically designed to withstand higher temperatures.

Several thousand DoorJamm's have been sold to police departments and individual officers alike. "We've taken phone calls from police chiefs, watch commanders, SWAT team leaders and patrol sergeants and they all explained after seeing the product, they felt it was a 'must have' tool for their personnel. It's one of those tools you can carry all the time and use it several times a shift on patrol, compliance checks, warrant service, active shooter events and other tactical scenarios." -Chris B & Steve K


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