DoorJamm Resellers

Find an authorized DoorJamm reseller near you! 

DoorJamm resellers are all over the world! Many of our partners are small business owned by people who actually work in their field.

This means that the DoorJamm is endorsed by police officers, sheriff deputies, firefighters and skilled trades workers who USE the DoorJamm on the job themselves and represent the product in their own catalog of products. 

190 Leatherworks (Leather products)  

Alpha One (High visibility workwear, personal protective equipment, apparel) 

Blaze Defense Systems 
(Specialty Tactical gear) 
Bigfoot Holsters
 (Kydex holsters and LEO equipment) 
Burn Box (Subscription box for the fire service) 
Cable and Connections (Low and High Voltage Supplier) 
Carolina Defender
(Tactical gear) 
CDN GunWorx (Tactical gear - Canada) 
Centurion Gear (Patches and coins) 
Chief Miller (Apparel and Tools for firefighters) 

DoorJamm Germany 

E614 (non-profit supporting US officers with Level III body armor)
The EMS Store
(Life saving supplies and gear) 
EMT Solutions of New York (EMTSNY)
(Medical Training & Event Management) 

FFPG FireFighter Proving Grounds (Training content and gear)
Fire EMS Store (Fire and EMS Products) 
Fire Fighting Tools of Babylon (Tools for Firefighters) 
Fireman323 (Fire service motivation and photos) 
(Fire gear and gifts) (Everything but the truck!) 
First Due Fabrication (Fire service fabrication)
Flex Arms
(Los Angeles based armor carrier builder)

Gladius Holsters
(Maker of the VEST holster) 

HVAC Tactical (HVAC lifestyle brand) 

K9s of Valor (non-profit K9 support organization)

Mechanical Warriors
(Tactical equipment supplier - France) 
(Radio microphone retention) 
Molle Shop Australia (Quality Duty Gear Supplier - Australia) 
Motis Fire Rescue (Firefighter Tools Supplier and Manufacturer - Canada) 

Next Rung
(Mental health support for first responders) (Law enforcement duty gear) 

Paratus 46 (Firearms and Tactical Training)
Patrolman Watches UK (Watches, pens, flashlights and gear - UK)
Pristine Uniforms (Uniform shop serving Southern California)

Ray Allen Manufacturing (Working dog and tactical K9 gear)

Right Rescue (Fire & Rescue Supplier - Japan) 
Rocky Mountain Phoenix
 (Fire & Rescue Supplier - Canada) 

Safe Haven Dynamics
(Tactical gear)
Shield Box (Law enforcement subscription box)
Sons of Irons (Fire training)
Suelee Division Tactique (Tactical gear - Canada)
Synaptic Gear (Tactical Gear - South Korea) 

TacNGear Sweden
(Tactical gear - Sweden) 
Tactica (Training solutions for law enforcement) 
TactMed Info (Maker of personal emergency information card)
Thin Blue Line Switzerland (support for Swiss law enforcement agencies) 
This Line (Apparel and gear supplier - Netherlands) 
Train Your Probie (Training content and gear - Canada) 
TraumaPak (Life saving gear, kits and training)

Uncensored Tactical (Lockpicking training, books and uncensored truth)

Watch Three Apparel (Online apparel retailer) 
Wescue (rescue and extraction equipment for EMS, Police, Military - Sweden)
Williams Key (Maker of The Williams Key bypass tool)  
Worthless Handler (K9 handler gear and gifts) 

Zero9 Holsters (Custom Kydex Manufacturing)