***CLOSEOUT/NO WARRANTY*** Orange Natural Rubber DoorJamm

***CLOSEOUT/NO WARRANTY*** Orange Natural Rubber DoorJamm

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Our original Orange DoorJamm is made of natural gum rubber. 

This Jamm can stretch to over 2.5 times it size and is one of our most elastic products.  This product is extremely versatile, reusable, easy to carry, and chemical resistant. The Orange Jamm will withstand temperatures as hot as 220 Degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -70 Degrees Fahrenheit.

This product weighs 1 ounce and can be stored nearly anywhere on your person or kit.  The DoorJamm is well liked in the tactical community due to it's ability to easily assimilate in tactical kits, the little space it takes to store and it's weight/flexibility allows operators to carry multiple Jamms, unlike other competing products.

We are discontinuing this item and this price is only good while quantity lasts.


Please note that this product is made of a natural rubber material. It can have a scent that accompanies the natural and chemical properties of the rubber. Also, natural rubber like this can experience "blooming". Some of the ingredients can migrate toward the surface and give the surface a tacky feel. You can use this feature for friction on surfaces or use a very light dusting of talcum powder to make it less tacky. Washing off the talcum powder will restore the tackiness of the natural rubber.